The Cyber Kid

Be Advised: “The Cyber Kid” is a fictional story that deals with sex chat, and other ImMature subject matter, and is intended for ImMature adults only.

The Cyber Kid
This is a story of a man who learns hat he can send his thoughts across the globe in an instant to web-chat partners anywhere in the world, whether it be music, or words or both.
During a heated chat session with one of his friends, He realizes that she is picking up on the fact that he is having abdominal pains. He can see the concern in her eyes. He notices that when he thinks the phrase “I’m alright” she responds with “OK, if you say so.” If I say so, what? he replies. “You said you were alright” she says. To which he replies, “Well, I may have been thinking it, but I didn’t say a word”. “Well, I heard you loud and clear” she says.
After they disconnect, he thinks back over what just happened, and concludes that she read his mind, or heard his thoughts somehow. So, he decides to visit a web chat site, and test his theory. Sure enough as soon as he enters a room, the girl starts acting as though she can hear his Jimi Hendrix tune playing, which is coming from his mp3 player to his headphones. She was obviously a fan, at least that was the way he looked at it, at first. But this was just the beginning, and he would soon realize it was not that simple.
In order to communicate with them in that way you have to be very sincere, and horny, how genuine your feelings are is what makes it all happen in the first place. Not that you can’t tell a white lie or two along the way, like how many girls are sitting with you, what they are up to, or how big your TV screen, or anything else is, for that matter, if you get my drift. Something to keep things interesting and firmly planted in the gutter. He tells them things like how good they look up on his Big Screen in High Definition. And of course how pretty their hair is, and what a nice smile they have. Sex chat is easy if you are committed to it the way he is. This man can identify with these girls because he has been in their shoes, so to speak. There was a time in his life when he was trying to avoid being evicted, that he worked for the same kind of outfit himself, and actually received a check from a bank in Las Vegas named after a very famous and funny actor, I’ll leave UN-named 4 now, which was paid to him for two weeks of living in front of the camera, a whopping seventy five dollars and sixty five cents, as best he can recall. He thinks to himself, “This is stranger than what goes on in the twilight zone, cause it’s really happening”.
He goes to the ladies for fun and excitement, but the fact is that to be logged in and chat with them the way he would like to, could be dangerous and costly, because he would have to tip a lot or she would throw him out and ban him from her room. He has known that for ever, since it’s only common sense, and courtesy. So, if he joins he can tip a few ladies, and get to know some of them maybe. Doing so may take time, or never happen, but at least by joining, he could talk to, and tip the ladies. They are starved for someone to chat with, and all he has to do is think the story lines to them and they become very interested, and hang on every word he’s thinking, so after a few times with this happening it starts to feel like he’s working for them. So, why not look at it that way, He aint got nuthin better going on, Right? But does he need a job, or something to do? No, not really, keeping it fun is all he gets out of it, which at first is more than enough, but this can’t go on indefinitely, it is not a sustainable lifestyle .,., or is it?
In his mind these girls, who are so lonely and starved for attention are simply girls hired off the street by foreign based companies who have been at this for many years and are looking to get bigger all the time, so these girls are a valuable commodity, and they are happy to have a job, but the firms don’t seem to provide proper assistance with stuff like tunes and toys, the poor girls can’t find a decent dildo, and they have no music to dance to, or even listen to, and it is sad, because they want to be successful sooo Bad! And they R Sooo Hott, and Sooo Sweeet, and Soooo Nice, and Sooo Pretty!!! Helping them in any way he can seems to be the very least he can do, when you consider all that they do for him.
For the most part his sex chatting experience up to this point had been limited to typing words, and pressing enter or send, and that was only with about three or four different women, over a period of a couple years. Now it’s more like three or four a nite, and all he has to do is think the lines, and these women pick up on it immediately, responding with their eyes, and expressions. There’s the wink, and then the nod, after he thanks them for the wink. He starts out a lot of times by saying he’s at work filming videos. Or he has pretend conversations in his head, (that they ease drop on), and that he’s surrounded by pretty girls who have him tied to a chair, and are running thier hands all over him, and generally taking very good care of him and his parts. He tells them other times that he’s just doing his daily exercises, and has to keep a it up for at least an hour, and he wants them to help, sometimes he can feel them looking at him, and it often seems that they see him plain as day, and react in various ways, as you can imagine.
And that’s how he got in the shape he’s in. Where will all this end, He asks himself? Maybe he could land a job working with some of these girls? Sure .,., why not. Tune in for the next exciting adventure of .,., “The Cyber Kid”

Episode 2
When we last saw The Kid, he was in a tissy over what to do about his new found ability to convey his words to sex chatters, or web-cam girls. He decides to just roll with it a bit and visits one of the most popular girls on the site. He tips her and says hello. She seems to be very receptive to him, and they begin to exchange thoughts and feelings, as he begins to feel good about the situation he removes his sweat pants and tips her again. She is so beautiful and her eyes convey so much sexuality that he has an erection almost instantly. He is thinking words to her that indicate he is wishing she could be with him right now, or even better that he could be there where she is, and make love to her on cam. They exchange thoughts as he can see her expression change with every syllable he utters in his mind. He realizes he had better be confident and strong because she is no novice at this and he is playing with the big league now. He is brave and starts to mention other possible scenarios that might excite her. He decides she might like to play the cheer leader in the locker room with the football team. She responds well, she likes it, she really likes it, she really, really, really likes it a lot, till HE can stand it no more, and cums all over the place, telling her about it in his mind. At this point he is un sure just exactly what to do, so he types a chat line to her that he will later spend a good deal of time regretting, something like “Wow, CuM Every Where!” or something equally stupid, but true. So he tips her one more time and runs like a dog with it”s tail between it”s legs, to the log out button.
The next time he ventures out on the hunt for a little fun and excitement he starts to realize that the software on the site is behaving differently, and that all he has to do is hover over the ladies avatar and he gets a 4 x 4 inch live preview as it”s called. But it is moving every second or so, so he says hello to one of the girls by name, and she responds immediately with a big smile. He says something like “You look just like Marsha Brady” to her in his mind, and she lites up. He says in his mind, “Oh so you like that?” He sees her look at her chat screen and read his words, and look up and smile nodding yes. He is perplexed. How could his words be appearing on her chat screen????? If this is not mind to mind communication than he must be communicating with a machine, which in turn sends the message to the girl.
Now he has gone from just having fun, to having a real mystery to figure out. So he decides to search the web for info on voice recognition software, but instead of voice he uses the word thought. He is amazed with the first thing he finds. Some one has a web site for telephone and computer supplies, but what he lands on is a page describing a system for keeping your office running smoothly with a hands free system where you “Just Think it” and it does your tasks on the computer for you. And it is powered by .,., Brace your self, .,., Monkey Brains. For about 20 thousand dollars you get the whole system with 3 live Monkeys pre-wired. That’s it for now, but rest assured the next episode will be a dooosey .,., as the Kid sets out to save the monkeys, and figure out if they are the ones who have been relaying his words to the ladies all along. So stay tuned for the next exciting adventure of “The Cyber Kid”

Episode 3
So the kid just found out about the plight of the poor monkeys that were being wired up and sold as a package deal along with this thought recognition thing. Now he feels he must do something, so he contacts a few animal welfare organizations, and blows the whistle on the perpetrators. After a few days of anxiety and wondering what would come of the whole affair, and hearing nothing back from National Geographic Society, he decides to have another look at the thought recognition website.
On closer inspection he finds a very small block of print that is so small he has to find a pair of reading glasses to read it. It says in short, something to the affect that if the smell of the monkey brains is a problem for you, turn down the voltage to prevent over heating. You know the feeling you have when you realize you’ve been getting played for a fool sets in? The Kid was having that feeling..
So he decides to try and ease his troubled mind and lower his stress level a few notches with another trip to the chat site. He runs across a very pretty young lady and in no time he is feeling like a new man. As they begin to get to know each other he relates his story to her, and she is very receptive to his thought out words.
She is starting to give him that look now that says why don’t you tip me, I know I made you happy. So he tries to tell her in his mind to get in touch with him so they can prove that thought wave communication exists, and that it wont work if he logs in and actually chats with her, they wont be able to prove anything. She is perplexed. He decides to log in. He tips her and says hello Good Lookin!! She is happy and says thanks. As usual, this is going nowhere, just like it always does when he logs in. So he decides to keep using thought out words with her, and thinks the phrase, “Join my website and send me a friends request” She is Perplexed. She looks at him and types “How, I’m in Ukraine” He doesn’t quite get the significance of this at first and continues to chat with her mentally and in text, but there doesn’t seem that much positive is coming from it, so he thinks to her that they will figure it all out eventually, and for her not to worry. So he tips her again and logs out.
After turning off his computer and lying down to rest, it occurs to him that she had answered his thought out words when she typed “How, I’m in Ukraine” So he decides more action is required. He begins to formulate a plan which would include getting set up on the web with something that would be easy to find and have a way for the girls to join his personal website and prove that thought wave communication works. He changes the name of his personal website, and buys a Dot Com for his new company “Thought Wave Communication” This gives him another idea. Why not write a story about the situation and call it “The Cyber kid” or something like that .,., yeah .,., a comic book character who digs webcam girls. Maybe even a Hollywood movie.
Am I getting ahead of myself? I think maybe so. Be sure to tune in for the next exciting adventure of The Cyber Kid.

Episode 4
So after writing his story and getting the new websites up and running he’s back on the trail of a little thought wave thrill action, when he sees a girl that reminds him of an old girlfriend. So he hovers over her avatar for a peek inside her room. She reacts immediately with a look that says “Hi, how R ya? So he begins to think his words to her that he is filming a movie, and he’s flat on his back, naked with two girls going down on him. And he’s got a crew of folks working with him that consists of about six fine looking lesbian chics and the Directer, who is a gorgeous red head in her thirties. He tells her how much he loves showing off for her because she is so HoTT! She is giving him a look that says, “You naughty boy!” So he lays it on a little thicker and heavier as he goes, and tells her his ex wife brings chics over every night who want their pictures taken giving a guy oral sex. She found out there was a market for such a thing and hasn’t left him alone since. Every nite she shows up with new girls from the other side of town. Sometimes she brings two or three at a time, one time she had five girls with her, and two wound up staying the night with him. He tells her how he loves it when that happens, and they all sleep together. How they think he’s still asleep in the morning with a boner, Which is keeping them amused, while he just lays there and moans and groans like he’s got a hang-over, but he’s really loving the shit out of it. Once again she gives him the naughty boy look. By this point the kid has made his self comfy cozy with his head propped up on the end of the couch, no clothes in sight. He begins to explain how he has to just lie flat on his back, On account of his health troubles, and relax while the girls and his ex do all the details of keeping the live feed running and sending out links to join the fun and view our Rock Cam. Over a hundred Horny House Wives he says in his mind. But the fact is the guys do all the tipping, that’s why he’s glad his ex brings such good looking chics over, cause the pretty face along with his boner is what gets the tips. By this time he has her in a pop-up window, and he can see that she is chatting with someone else as well as him, and decides to check out a few of the other ladies. He spies one with the School Teacher thing going on and opens another window for her. Now he has two windows and still has a view of a few girls on the home page. He can tell that the girl he started out with is not very happy with him at all for taking his eyes off of her and sucking up to this new arrival with large breasts and a yard stick.
He begins to wonder if he shouldn’t just move on and have a look at the rest of the field, when a woman catches his eye. He closes the two windows he had open with the school teacher and the girl next door. She has jet black hair and a look in her eyes that says she is about to quit, and can’t quite understand what she is doing here in the first place.
Stroking his rock, he is looking at her, and trying to plan his next thought out words carefully. She is aware of him, and seems puzzled at first. Then as his pleasure is mounting, a smile works it’s way across her face, and he senses that she can feel he’s turned on, and likes it. He decides to speak. You have the most beautiful face. He says to her in his mind. And your eyes show so much Love and kindness. I bet someone loves you an awful lot! He can tell he has her attention now. I bet you’ve broken some hearts in your day. I bet you have guys running around in circles trying to figure out how to keep you happy. You’re the kinda woman a man falls in love with. He tells her. I love women in general more than anything else in the whole wide world, but you are an amazingly sweet treat to lay eyes on My Dear!
In his mind, he is trying to decide weather he should tell her about the Thought Wave Communication website, and joining his personal website, or just enjoy the moment. After all, things are going so well, Why spoil it, right?
Mmmmm I’d like to take you to bed and love every inch of you for about three days straight. Take you to the fanciest motel in town and have room service waiting on us hand and foot, while we chase each other round the room tonight. He is dissecting her face with his eyes, and is amazed at how content she seems to be to sit there and listen to him tell her how he feels about her. Her image on his screen is so vivid and real, he wants to lean forward and kiss her lips.

In the next episode The Kid teams up with his old buddy Fang1961 to form a music group called “Word Man Rocks”. Fang and the Kid go way back. Back to the day they got busted Smokin in the Boys Room, you know the line, My Buddy Fang, and me and Paul, and if we get caught it’ll be the death of us all. The Kid was Paul. And it almost was the death of us all. We decided to name the band “Word Man Rocks” ’cause back in the fifties we had a band that got famous with a song called “On the dark side”. Since Fang has always wrote the words we started calling him Word Man, but now we got him playing guitar and singing too, So it only seemed right to call the band “Word Man Rocks” .,., You follow me?

Episode 5
As of late the kid has been stopping in to visit with some of the most beautiful women on the site, in an effort to get the best scenes for his on going project. He tells them right off the bat, that he’s filming a movie called “The Cyber Kid” and that it is about a guy who uses thought wave communication to talk to web cam girls while he is having sex in front of the camera with real women from down the street that want to be in the movie, and they do it every nite, the girls have taken over his apartment, and he’s having so much fun he don’t care if the movie ever gets finished. He tells them that he has two gorgeous ladies working on him right now, and that his ex is filming it, and her friend, the directer/camera operator is filming her on the computer screen, so she is already in the movie. He explains the plot better as he goes along, and the fact that it is about thought wave communication, and actually thought wave sex, because that’s the best use for it. And that if you made the guys pay to get on the site, which they would have no problem with knowing they have thoughtwave sex waiting on them, with gorgeous girls like you! Only girls with a good knowledge of the thoughtwave sex routine would survive the cut. But the girls who stayed on would be paid a regular salary along with whatever else they could work out, with the rich guys on the site. Thoughtwave sex would not be cheap and that’s for sure, not if he has his way. He tells them he wrote the story, and he invented Thought Wave Communication, and he’s the one that knows how to make it all work. Look it up, he says. thoughtwavecommunicationdotcom, he says, or The Cyber Kid Dot Com. and if she would help him by joining his web site they could be rich in a short period of time, and get a Nobel Prize to boot. Billions of dollars in revenue from taking over the communication business from idiots like Time Warner Cable, the new TWC is moving in and it’s Thought Wave Communications. We’ll be partnering up with Direct TV and AT&T, Jerry Jones and Tony Romo have already bought into the plan, he tells her.
The next time out he uses a different approach and tells her his Boss has left him with a woman they are doing some work for, but his job is to satisfy her sexually cause she’s a nympho maniac, and she pays Very Well for services rendered. That was going pretty good, and he had another one believing he was working, but his job was to belong to horny women who would rent him out for a few hours at a time, a hundred bucks an hour, or a thousand for a whole night. Another one thinks he is installing high definition computer cables for Donald Trump, in Trump Towers and that if everything goes as expected he’ll have 5 years of job security putting in computer systems under the white house.
The following day he is on the site and happens across one of his favorite models, one he has dropped in on quite a few times before in the past few months. She is radiant as ever. He decides to start by just hovering over her avatar and see if she’s very busy, she seems free enough and he starts a conversation in his head with a nurse he imagines to be there taking his pulse and doing some tests on him. He can tell she is listening and pours it on a little thicker as he goes, explaining to her that he is in a physical therapy wing in his private Hospital, and has two or three nurses stroking his member in an effort to lengthen it a bit. He tells her he has these sessions every evening about this time, and it usually lasts about 2 hours. He has good insurance, he tells her, she smiles. He tells her one of the nurses is leaning over him showing off her breasts, and allowing him to touch between her legs, and it’s warm and wet. About that time he tells her his doctor just walked in. She is of course a beautiful red head in her early forties. She is happy and congratulates him on gaining another quarter of an inch, up to eleven inches now. She is very proud of her patient! One of the nurses just came in to get a blood pressure reading, a cute little thing! He tells her the help in this wing is entirely female, no men allowed. He tells her he got away with one, and the doctor didn’t notice he was playing around under the nurses skirt, she smiles. He tells her the drugs there giving him are starting to kick in and he is feeling pretty good. The trick, he tells her, is to relax all your muscles but one of course, and just keep checking out the girl on the computer screen, and not what everybody else is up to. She seems to be staring right into his eyes as he tells her he is looking at her, and that she is about the prettiest thing he’s ever laid eyes on. The look on her face is a combination of curiosity and amusement.

Episode 6 Sneak Peak

After a trip to the flea market and acquiring a Venom virtual analog synthesizer The Kid is ready to start putting together some cool new tunes. A few days later he is completely exhausted, having produced 10 new cyber sex children by his new room mate. Time to test ’em out! So he decides to upload the tunes to his ReverbNation pg and call them Thoughtwave Vibrations to go along with his new web sites, keeping things copestic, and giving the world a chance to groove with the new tracks.He gets a call from an old girlfriend and after a few minutes she comments on the track The Kid has on which is playing on his computer, he gives her the url, and pretty soon things are getting steamy, she asks the kid what he’s wearing and, well, from there it gets to the point where he’s not wearing anything and .,., he has a great idea, maybe he should start a phone sex site, while he’s at it, yeah .,., why not, maybe or something like that.

Episode 6 – The Thinkers
As thoughtwave communication has continued to evolve the number of thinkers involved in the web has grown and now includes some very interesting and well known people, men and women who know the value of a kind thought, and a wink. The women on the site have begun to put two and two together, and the results are multiplying, as you might guess, two girls reading your thoughts can add up to twice the fun, and excitement, but good old one on one will never go out of style. Not to mention the paired up girls will be expecting gratuities worthy of their time and attention. With some of the richest men in the world jumping on board, the thoughtwaves are getting pretty big out there, watch out for rip tides! A certain business man that owns a certain football team, and a certain business man who wants to run the country getting together to see to it pockets don’t run low, by increasing the cash flow a bit, and making sure things like paddles and other hurtful items are kept out of the picture. No spanks with anything .,., period, feathers and bunny tails, maybe. No violence will be tolerated, what so ever, and that comes straight from the top, The Big T that is. Give me a T for Texas! Give me that T for Tennessee! Give me a T for .,., we’ll get back to that in a bit, the big big really big boss is calling. Ok, here’s the scoop. The chairman of the board has asked that a simple explanation be drawn up, as to what Thoughtwave Sex participants are actually doing, to give our team of experts a little more to go on, while designing the new website. So The Kid goes to work .,., three mind rattling days pass, and this is what he managed to come up with: Thoughtwave Sex is what happens when a person uses their mind to have pleasurable experiences, known as orgasm, or perfect release, as I like to call it. Physical touch is combined with imagination, and creativity to create fantasy like enjoyment, or pleasure. For a woman on cam, being viewed, and knowing she is not alone heightens the excitement level, and Viola! For a man it is a matter of serving the woman, by keeping an erection, and telling her with thoughtwaves all about how you are using her for your own pleasure in your mind. This makes her feel needed, and everyone is getting excitement and naughty pleasure. But the key is that she gets satisfied first, just like actual sex, you better not run out of gas before getting her to her destination. This is why I say “The man is the servant”. And rightfully so, after all, service is what we were built for. The Boss just gave me a look that says Don’t ever forget it either. By: John Young

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